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Warranty and refunds

METTA Warranty -
time-tested reliability!
Buying products from our company you get
a manufacturer's warranty.
12 years
Chair Warranty
and its components
20 years
The warranty for products sold for export is 2 years.
More about warranty

Terms of warranty

For a quick and easy manufacturer's warranty, please,
make sure that the following warranty conditions are met:

The product and its parts
manufactured by the manufacturer
The original filled
warranty certificate
(with the seller's stamp and the date
of sale) and/or the cash voucher.
verification spoilage
quality control department
of operation
intended use
of the chair
with a maximum load of 120 kg, not more than
12 hours a day.
The right to warranty service is forfeited if:
  • misuse of the product;
  • presence of defects caused by external causes (drop, impact, transportation, exposure to high temperature, repair and/or modification of the product by an unauthorized person, etc.)
  • use of non-original branded components, consumables;
  • failure to assemble, install, reconfigure or maintain the product in accordance with published instructions and recommendations;
  • violations of care rules and the use of inappropriate care products;
  • Incorrect storage and operation (outdoors or in damp conditions);
The warranty does not cover:
  • defects caused by natural disasters (lightning, fire, flooding, etc.);
  • natural wear and tear over time;
  • damage caused by natural wear and tear on parts, such as upholstery fabric, armrests, headrests, casters;
  • natural marks, creases and wrinkles on leather upholstery;
  • inconsistency of shades, color and structure of different parts made of natural materials;
  • cuts and scratches, as well as damage resulting from a blow or incident;
  • damage, abrasive scratches, stains and marks from sharp, cutting objects, as well as abrasive surfaces (shoes, jewelry, buttons, etc.) on parts of the chair and textile materials;
  • change in the noise level of the seat mechanisms;
  • products used in a manner not in accordance with published instructions and recommendations, including care rules, for use, installation, reconfiguration, or maintenance;
  • changes in surface finish, including color fastness, due to aging, exposure to light, or direct sunlight;
  • textile pilling;
  • Matching colors, textures or textures of natural materials;
  • Color fastness or color matching of fabrics or surface finishes, including exact matching of cutouts, swatches, or sample cards.

Refund product

Purchase informationе
The buyer has the right to refuse the goods at any time before their
transfer, and after the transfer of goods - within seven days.
Return of goods of proper quality is possible
if its trade dress, packaging, consumer properties
as well as the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase
of the specified goods are preserved.
Send a claim
If you find any product defects, please fill out the
form on the Complaint page..
  • describe in detail the defect/problem, how it manifests itself;
  • attach a photo or video of the defect;
  • enclose copies of proof of purchase (receipt and warranty card).